Monday, June 1, 2015



i don't know what to say. The thing is, things happen,but what make it different?

the different is..

to who Allah make it happen.


well, i don't know. What are or is the reason(s), but I know He planned something for me. That I will never know why, what and how the thing will be replaced. Just wait n see.

You know what, it is a pain!
No one knows.

Pain will become positive, when it brings you back to Allah.

On we shall be no fear, nor shall we grief , don't get stressed out Biela, over things that haven't happened yet, that's fear,
and don't get stressed out Biela, over things that's already happened, everything has been decreed, The most difficult pill, for the Muslim to swallow is....

Article number SIX of our Deen , The Qadr (predestination) of Allah.

its okay Beila. When Allah says kun, fa yakun. :) Smile, there are another hopes.


Semoga mendapat ibrah dari post ini.ilalliqa' :)