Thursday, August 23, 2012

Eid Mubarak! ^_^

Kullu 'Am wa Antum Bikhair..
Salam Aidilfitri for all my brother and my sister in Islam..I'm very hope you are celebrating Eid happily and peacefully. :)

First day of Eid,I remember to our sahabat in Palestin.Is they celebrating Eid happy as we celebrate in Malaysia?Is anything okay?Is everthing already done?I pray to Allah to simplify their life,make they happy during this Eid Mubarak. :) I feel very grateful because we in Malaysia,peacefully celebrate Aidilfitri..but how they there? :(

Let Allah take care of Palestinians..we here have to pray for them. :)

This year,I and my family wear "baju raya" coloured GREY :).this are some pictures :)

last,but not least,


Semoga mendapat ibrah dari post ini.ilalliqa' :)

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