Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Garden of Knowledge and Virtue, IIUM ; ^^v

In the name of GodThe Most Gracious, the Most Merciful..

wahh,it's so exciting to be a student here!but,where?heee...OF COURSE LA UIA!


i'm so eager to tell you I at library UIA now!!(batak je. ^_^ )

Today,I want to improve my grammar,my speech,my talks,my English skills by talking(am I talking actually?) or typing this post in English language.

I hope you will understand what I'm talking about. :)

life here can be defined as hectic.Hectic why??because all people around you will walk,talk,so fast like chasing the time.Yeah!actually,it depends on student of what?Such as student of medic.Aha!this student may life in hectic pace.But,what about student of edu?(I mean student of education),maybe her/his life will be so practically,arranged orderly.

When I woke up in the morning,the voice of Azan is heard enough to remind us to perform our Subuh Solah.Every time,even I stay at mahallah Ruqayyah,which is the location is actually far from the mosque,but,I can hear the Azan.I love it so much..
When I walk with my sister,Nadiah,I can look people from anywhere.Just name it!Uganda?Africa?China?Indonesia?Malaysia?(of course!),there are so many peoples around the world.erm,okay,I think I got to go.Next time,I'll will tell you more!

but,before that,preach from me even ayat! :) from hadith Rasulullah,
"Gaining knowledge is an obligation for Muslims"
(Riwayat Ibn Majah)

wassalam. :)

Semoga mendapat ibrah dari post ini.ilalliqa' :)


Fatini Mohammad Shafii said...

nice entry ^_^
keep it up ! <3

! NZ Si Panglipur Lara ! said...

wahh bestnyeee ..^^ aku mohon sini gak.doakan aku dpt ea

..::NaBiLaH SoLeHah::.. said...

thanks tini.komen2 la mane yg tak betul tu...heee...i tak berapa taw speaking london laa..:)

..::NaBiLaH SoLeHah::.. said...

tu la..best sgt,,insyaAllah,kita doa sama2 ye,byha.ko mhon kos ape ea?

! NZ Si Panglipur Lara ! said...

err ko rse aku mohon kos ape..hoho

..::NaBiLaH SoLeHah::.. said...

erm...seni bina!kannnn?heee ^_^ (qilah bg taw)